• In the lower right corner or in the address bar of your browser you should see the icon for a secure connection as a closed lock.
  • If you are using someone else's computer, it is strongly recommended to turn on the private browsing mode in your browser. Read more

Bank will never request confirmation of password and login by means of emails. If you receive suspicious messages requesting your personal data: login and password ignore such messages and do not enter your data. Please inform us by the following email info@elsom.kg or leave message at Call centre: +996 (312) 986 000.

It is recommended to use the "Private browsing mode" option, which is available in the latest versions of browsers.

This option is very useful when viewing pages on someone else's computer or when you want to keep secret the pages you visited. Pages that you view in the private browsing mode will not appear in your browser history or search history, and will not leave any other tracks on your computer (temporary Internet files, cookies, all elements of the cache, etc.) when you close this window. Nevertheless, all the files that you download or bookmarks you create will remain intact.

This option has different names in various browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox - Private view mode (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Internet Explorer - InPrivate view (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Google Chrome - Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N)
  • Safari - Private Browsing
  • Opera - Private tab (Ctrl+Shift+N)